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Fear of backward production capacity panel industry worries about the great leap forward

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Fear of backward production capacity panel industry worries about the great leap forward

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The day before, in the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the first Chinese sixth generation AMOLED production line successfully lit.

Recently, the panel big coffee have wantonly expansion, Tianma sixth generation LTPS AMOLED production line successfully lit in Wuhan, AMOLED products is one of the epitome.

From the past mainly rely on imports, and now, shipments accounted for nearly 1/4 of the world, China's display panel industry in a few years by leaps and bounds.

Chanson capital executive director Shen adorable said an interview with the author, "the panel industry upgrading, production line investment is huge, in the previous stage, China enterprises always behind Japan, South Korean rivals. With the penetration of the panel of the state will continue to increase investment, China enterprises gradually catch up, it can be said that the strategic core technology investment began to show results, but also inevitably formed a bubble."

Panel prices rose to universal Internet TV

"Because of the price increase, I won't buy it."." Ms. Zhang was originally intended to purchase new TV, online shopping after half a day to complain: "basically all the appliances are reduced with the influx of new market, even if the TV did not drop, but also more expensive than before."

Ms. Zhang has been working in Changsha since her graduation. She is planning to move to a new house in June this year. She has not been fully satisfied after visiting the store. She has decided to buy a highly rated TV set on the internet. After several comparisons, Ms. Zhang phase of a millet Internet TV, but read that after the recent price increases, Ms. Zhang's desire to buy "put out the fire."".

In fact, the price is not the first one, from the beginning of the second half of last year, by the upstream TV panel prices rising, many Internet TV "forced" prices, music, Internet TV has announced the price storm etc..

What's more, the rising cost leads to a rising price. Panel prices led to a weak market in the first quarter of color tv. China Video Industry Association and Ovid yunwang (AVC) report Chinese TV market summary jointly released the first quarter of 2017, the first quarter of this year, the domestic color TV market can hardly be optimistic, retail sales of 11 million 790 thousand units, down 5.2%, but the cost pressure makes the price rise, a quarter of the TV retail sales reached 38 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 1.8%.

Nearly ten years, the price does not appear panel industry tide, why the sudden price? Said the SHARP TV business related Foxconn accept the Yangtze River daily in an interview with reporters: "at present, the LCD panel in the price range, on the one hand is the global LCD market growth, led to the supply and demand balance is broken, the increase in demand, supply, prices will naturally appear. In the "supply", while the factory operating rate, while also depends on the supply of raw materials, in recent years in East and Southeast Asia more natural disasters, largely affected the LCD panel production capacity, especially in the earthquake and flood disaster, let a lot of LCD panel factory suffered a loss."

"Break the balance of supply and demand, the price should be a gentle upward curve, the impact of natural disasters, resulting in the price curve as lift the same up."." The Foxconn TV business, SHARP said, added.

Enterprise intensive plus push industry "great leap forward""

Almost one of the 4 panels is produced by the mainland panel factory in china.

In April 20th, the highly anticipated Tianma sixth generation LTPS AMOLED production line (G6 LTPS AMOLED) successfully lit AMOLED products in Wuhan. This marks the Pegasus G6LTPS AMOLED production line to become China's first successful lighting of the sixth generation AMOLED production line. At the same time, the production line is also the world's first simultaneous lighting rigid and flexible display of the sixth generation AMOLED production line.

Not long ago, Huaxing Power signed a cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, 35 billion yuan investment in the smart East Lake New Technology Development Zone, manufacturing industrial park construction of the 6 generation LTPS AMOLED flexible display panel production line, Wuhan Huaxing Power two (T4) project, the production of high resolution and flexible display panel with foldable intelligent mobile phone full, is expected to produce 45 thousand postpartum will reach large glass substrate, to put the annual sales of over ten billion yuan.

At the same time, BOE technology group, Limited by Share Ltd, SDP and so on are accelerating expansion. BOE's total investment in the panel industry is as high as about 300000000000. Recently, the olive branch was thrown into Hefei and invested 45 billion 800 million yuan to build the 10.5 generation line (capacity 120K per month). On the other hand, SDP will invest RMB 61 billion in Guangzhou, Zengcheng, and build the 10.5 generation 8K display full eco industrial park. It is expected to begin mass production in 2019 with an annual output value of 92 billion rmb.

Shen Meng said that the rapid growth driven by the demand for consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, TVs and even other appliances, have begun to embed LCD panels as interactive carriers, the panel into the outbreak.

Break through "evolution" from rapid expansion to profitable growth"


Under huge investment, China has become a large supply of panels. Research shows that China now has more than 23% of Japan's market share. Among them, last year, China's new display industry sales revenue reached 201 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 20%, the shipment area of 53 million square meters, an increase of 16.5%. Global market share increased from 3.9% in the early 12th Five-Year to 27%. All types of LCD panel supply capacity has improved significantly, 32 inches below the domestic self-sufficiency rate of 72.3%.

In addition, China's LCD panel imports continued to decline. According to General Administration of customs data, last year, China's LCD panel imports amounted to $31 billion 849 million, compared with 2012, fell by 36.69%, imports have dropped back to ten years ago.

Review the development of the tragic history of those years, the panel industry various recollections.

Encounter technical blockade and price crackdown. The international first-line high-end commercial enterprises with China factory technology go to the use of advanced technology, the production of high-end products, we must spend money to buy the patent to the industry oligopoly, and the liquid crystal panel industry belongs to the lawsuit prone industry.

"Run with tears" in this industry is more appropriate, but after rapid expansion, China's panel industry to enhance the breakthrough point of profit breakthrough. China's largest LCD panel business BOE finally ushered in the outbreak of performance, profits in the first quarter of this year is expected to rise more than 20 times. Huaxing Power, Tianma microelectronics enterprise value is more like a tiger with wings added outbreak.

From difficult to profitable, behind the various capital force layout. SHARP TV business related personnel said: "the Foxconn investment has accelerated the industry competition, benign competition, consumers will enjoy a richer and more reasonable price of products, and promote innovation between the various brands, new technology will also emerge in an endless stream."

Behind the hot panel investment hidden worries

However, the heat behind the investment also hidden worries.

"Capital strength is not only reflected in the market channel expansion and brand promotion level, but more importantly, the core technology research and development and landing."." The Foxconn TV business SHARP relevant personnel bluntly. As a technology intensive industry, manufacturing a display panel from the production of raw materials, to the final panel imaging circuit design and other aspects there are patent barriers thick, after the panel Chinese attitude into the manufacturing industry, in a relatively inefficient production environment but also bear high patent licensing fees, not only seriously damage business profit a heavy burden, but also the future development of the.

Overheating has led to a direct loss of consumers' interests. With an example, such as the pursuit of market share of the brand, ignoring the quality of products, not the core technology of the brand, seeking OEM production mode through the "assembly" and also reduce product experience, more importantly, investment comes and go, some brands have begun to appear capital problem how to protect consumers' rights and interests has won the customer service service? Was also severely affected.

At present, consumers are in the transition from basic consumption to high-quality consumption, from last year's large-size LCD panel and OLED panel shipments can be seen, the user's attention to high-end TV is rising. 2017 is a crucial year for the television industry, in large size, competition will OLED and quantum dots is more intense; small size, the advantages of OLED in the field of high-end will become more apparent, it also allows the entire display industry back to show the era of technology as the core.

Shen Meng also said: "because the panel industry is the high technology content, driven by technology development of the industry, including the display technology, including cutting process and yield panel, so the simple investment may not necessarily be able to master the core technology of the upstream, and the panel plant huge investment, can significantly stimulate GDP, so some items are affected by this, cause certain investment scale only regardless of advanced sex, this capacity does not rule out future has become a backward production capacity surplus."

Orville yunwang (AVC) display industry chain division senior research manager Cui Jilong said, there is a risk of two aspects of the future development of the panel industry, one is more than 10 generation production line of new smooth full production, the capacity of the new consumption is not optimistic; on the other hand is the panel price fluctuation cycle is becoming more and more big, the shorter the price fluctuations, it is difficult to maintain a partial equilibrium or steady state, the long-term development of the state of the whole industry will be adversely affected.

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